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- Our Story -

The term Grinder can be traced back to the Eastern Region of the United States.  Italian immigrants worked in the shipyards setting and "grinding" rivets in the huge ships.  Their wives would come at noon with lunch for the men who worked down the line with freshly-baked bread filled with meats and cheeses.  The foreman or person in charge would yell "Grinders - Lunch!" and all the men would sit, eat and talk with their wives.  Hence the word "grinder" become known as the delectable combination of meats, cheeses and vegetables served on our one-of-a-kind freshly made oven bread.  The tradition has continued at Rudino's. Here, we pile on the meat, vegetables and cheeses. Every grinder is served on bread made from scratch on-site daily. We hope you enjoy your meal!
Owners Doug Liggett and Jamie Zimmaro are proud to bring the quality and tradition of Rudino's to the Sandhills. Doug hails from Michigan, but moved to NC over 20 years ago to help open the first ever Rudino's location in Cary in 1995.  He later opened his own store in Fayetteville in 2004.  Today he is part owner in the Hope Mills location. This is his partner, Jamie's first restaurant venture and she is excited to be a part of the Sandhills community.  The two moved here with their daughter and are enjoying "life in the Pines!"  Next time you see Doug and Jamie, say hello and introduce yourself.  They'd love to meet you!
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